13 July 2011


Suddenly few options given and I am in
I don't know to which option should I take
I am totally no idea which path will bring me to what ending

Option No1.
Stay and do not change anything.
Remain the same with higher benefits
Market Value will be higher
Permanent job and flexi time

Have to packed with time line due to the project is in a mess
Deal with a superior which is hard to please
Agreement and benefits given is verbally and not in Black and White stated

Option No2.
Higher pay than the current job
Location wise nearer
Nice superior to work with

New environment to be adapt
Need to sharpen up my programming language (which i not really like it)
Still in probation period

Option No3.
Certification obtain is very high market value
Future wise will be better due to the certificate provided
Colleague + superior is nice to deal with
Working environment is cozy

Is one year contract and do not have 100% guarantee of converting to permanent staff
Certification given is still depends on the company

How? Tell me how??

12 July 2011


Don’t expect any positive feedback from this post.

Everywhere I saw/heard ppl complain about how Police react on 709 but do they understand or know some of them are actually not willingly to be the part of it. 

They are just following orders and doing their job.

22 June 2011

22th June 2011





 -22 JUNE 2011-

there are only THREE words which I will never get tired of telling you..



08 June 2011

Count Down

Start counting down to the day...

14 days to go.....

15 April 2011

Have you ever been so BAD LUCK?

2011-04-14 I HATE YOU!!!!

Have you ever been so bad luck?
7.45am Wake up from bed and get ready because have to conduct a walk through with user at 9am at Menara Maxis (KLCC)

8.00am Have the feeling that will be late to the meeting that's why choose to drive to KL Sentral then switch train to KLCC
BAD LUCK NO.1 = Caught in unusual traffic jam as I never facing such jam condition which took me 1 hour to reach KL Sentral (usually less than half and hour)

9.00am Reached KL Sentral and is confirm late for the meeting. Informed my PM I will be only reach in half and hour time and he told me the users has reached and all waiting for me.
BAD LUCK NO.2 = The Head of Department was there waiting for me as well as I am the presenter of the walk through. He is not an easy going person and I am in trouble now.

9.20am Reached Menara Maxis and apologize to the users. Start my presentation but... 
BAD LUCK NO.3 = My lappie gone 'crazy'  already and its not working when the time I need him!!! Change and using my co-worker laptop for the presentation.
11.30am Finish my presentation and walk through, went back to Plaza Sentral and...
BAD LUCK NO.4 = Found that my server is not working and I am unable to access it for production issue troubleshooting. 

12.00pm Asked my senior colleague for opinion and she suggested me to reboot the server at mid9. @##$%&^%@#@&@? WTH~~ I restarted the server before but is not at mid9 however she insist.. so..
BAD LUCK NO.5 = Scheduled the server reboot at 02:00 am and  I have to make sure the services and server are all up. After the server reboot, I still have to rectify the few problems which reported on the day before. It drag me until 3.30am.

2.00pm - 5.00pm Had my peacefully hours but it is not long..

5.30pm My 'beloved' called me up to ask some necessary questions which required the answer Immediately.
Went up to look for her and explained. Later on, she questioned on my job task (which we all hate the most because she has no faith to her staff). Stupid me, staying there as I wanted her to approve some of my UCRs.. and.. I felt into the trap..

6.00pm "Serena, do you familiar with the BPT master requirement?" 
"Not really, was involved before but later on lost track already.." 
"Is it? later i will have a walk through section with XXX on this. Can you please join?"
"Ok, SURE! (sigh.. shit you.. why you have to call up a discussion when people are preparing to go home?)"
BAD LUCK NO.6 Caught in discussion with the project team mates. Thanks to her, I only can leave at 9pm.

9.00pm Was worried about my car as i park in the car park where i have to give the car key to the PIC.
Ran down from office and SHIT~ It was raining!!!!
BAD LUCK NO.7 Why lar when I wanted to go back home then only rain like hell?
Forgot to bring my umbrella... called up for rescue - FAILED..
This is the first time I walked in RAIN.

9.30pm Charm sei, don't know how to cross the road as the cars speed and it was raining.
BAD LUCK NO.8 Just ran across the road and nearly knocked down by car.

9.45pm Finally got into my car and drive to find him. Waited for him until 10pm and I was asking to drive back first. And the tragedy started.....
I drive and I am pretty sure I din see anyone on my opposite so I just...drive.. "BOMMMM"
I was so afraid at the moment I heard the sounds.. It was so loud and I thought I knocked the divider but when I see from side mirror.. There was a Indo Lady lying on the floor.. 
OMFG... I really never thought of I would ever knock down a person with car..
Although is just my side mirror knocked her down but I still feeling so uneasy as it is a HUMAN which i knocked down..
Got lectured by the lady..
"Saya sakit hati tau" (Of course I know, because I also heart pain when I knew that I knocked you down.)
"You orang kaya, saya orang miskin.. Saya masih ada anak tau.." ( I know aunty and I am truly sorry for knocking you down.. I seriously did not see you there and it was so dark..)
"You mau langgar mati saya ke?" ( I never wanted to knock you, aunty.. seriously.. i feel so bad when i see you lying there) 
"Jaga-jaga nanti bila you pandu.." ( aunty, please don't curse me as I seriously do not know you were walking passed by me..)

Luckily there was a motorcyclist came by and helped me to convince the aunty..
I paid her some money for the compensation and she yet to complain.. MANA CUKUP~ YOU INGAT I SIAPA AH~
Sigh.. Seriously thanks to the motorcyclist, she helped me to convinced the victim and finally she let me go.. 
But before she left..
"Kalau balik, I ada apa apa lagi, I akan report polis, tau~"
(Aunty, seriously.. I am very very sorry!!! Deep in my heart, I really worry that anything happen to her..
GOD~ Pray hard for her to be everything is fine...)

10.15pm Got lectured by him and was not allow to drive back as they all worried about my emotion after knock down someone. He fetch me home and I parked my car there.
BAD LUCK NO. 10 Before entering the car, I knock my head on the door. SHIT DAMN IT~~

10.20pm While on the way back, noticed that I left my purse in my car. SIGH..
BAD LUCK NO.11 Drove back and take my purse.

10.45pm Reached home and bath. After calm down, looking for my certificates and...
BAD LUCK NO.12 Noticed I left my certs at my hometown.. sigh.. called my parents to scan and email to me.

11.00 - 2.00 am Everything as normal until my reboot activities..
BAD LUCK NO.13 server reboot successfully but one of the ID is not working. 

Seriously, it is the most bad luck day which I ever have.. 

SO, I HATE YOU 2011-04-14
Note: To the lady which I knocked down, I am so so so so sorry. I know even no matter how many times i apologize to you is also useless.. BUT SERIOUSLY, i am truly very sorry for everything. Hopefully you are getting well soon and no serious injury happen on you.
I am sorry..

13 January 2011

Love Story with A LIE..

This is a sad love story about a young man and woman who once met at a party. The girl was quite beautiful, as every man wanted her. The man was an average guy that no one really paid much attention too. After the party was over he got up the courage to invite her for a cup of coffee. She accepted his invitation and together they went and sat down in a small coffee shop. He was very nervous and did not say much, which made her feel a little uncomfortable when the young man finally spoke and ask the waiter to bring him some salt. He then took the salt and poured some into his coffee.

Many people began to stare at what the young man had done. His face began to turn red, but he continued to pour the salt into his cup of coffee. The young woman then asked him why did you put salt in your coffee. He then went on to tell her that when he was a young boy he lived near the ocean and how he loved playing in the salty water. So each time he has coffee he puts salt in it and it reminds him of his childhood days of living near the ocean and how much he missed his home town and his late parents too.

After listening to his story her eyes began to fill with tears. She was so touched by his story that seemed to come deep from inside his heart. She though a man who can tell about his feelings of being home sick and his inner feelings about his late parents has the kind of compassion that she just admired very much.

As time went on they began to date and she discovered just how kind-hearted, warm, caring, and what a loving person he was. She loved his sweet love words and love phrases that he always said to her. She thought how she almost missed out on getting together with him if it was not for the salty coffee. This story then became like so many other stories. They would go on to marry and would live happily for many years to come. Every time she made him a cup of coffee she would put salt into it as she knew he would always want it that way.

Thirty years went on by and he passed away and he left her a letter that she would read. It said, My dearest wife, I hope you will forgive me as I once told you a lie. It was the only lie I ever told you. Do you recall the very first time we had met. I was quite nervous with you sitting with me at the coffee shop. I wanted some sugar but instead I said salt. It was a mistake and also it was hard for me to admit it, so I just went along with it and let you think I really wanted salt instead of sugar, I was too embarrassed to tell you that part. And now that I am dying I need to tell you about this sad romantic story. I really did not like salt in my coffee, but I had salt in my coffee ever since we had met and I always knew I would never have any regrets or feel sorry for what I had done. Having you as my wife gave me the greatest happiness I had ever experienced in my whole life.

If I was able to live even a little longer I would still use salt in my coffee a second time and I would continue to love you as my wife even if I had to live a life again with the lie of drinking coffee with salt added to it. Tears filled up in her eyes as she thought some day somewhere someone may ask her just what does coffee taste like with salt added into it. She knew just what she would say. She would simply reply, it is so sweet.

12 November 2010


Called him the day before yesterday. Knew that he is suffering for his condition but I could not help much. What I did was just encouragement which I believe could at least motivate him. He is always the one that I worried. He changed ever since “it” came to his life. Everything changed. He is no longer the person I know anymore. His self-confidence level is low and the “it” in him is getting serious and cause him a lot of trouble. He used to be independent and well-performed but everything changed and is because of her, he changed. I really do not know what can I do to help him out. What I can do now is pray hard for everything goes smooth for him.

I will always be with him no matter what happen.