13 July 2011


Suddenly few options given and I am in
I don't know to which option should I take
I am totally no idea which path will bring me to what ending

Option No1.
Stay and do not change anything.
Remain the same with higher benefits
Market Value will be higher
Permanent job and flexi time

Have to packed with time line due to the project is in a mess
Deal with a superior which is hard to please
Agreement and benefits given is verbally and not in Black and White stated

Option No2.
Higher pay than the current job
Location wise nearer
Nice superior to work with

New environment to be adapt
Need to sharpen up my programming language (which i not really like it)
Still in probation period

Option No3.
Certification obtain is very high market value
Future wise will be better due to the certificate provided
Colleague + superior is nice to deal with
Working environment is cozy

Is one year contract and do not have 100% guarantee of converting to permanent staff
Certification given is still depends on the company

How? Tell me how??

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